Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev is the supreme being and has an immense significance in the Hindu culture. Described as the destroyer within the trimurti, Lord Shiva is revered widely by Hindus in all over the world including Nepal. Among many shivalayas situated in the country, Bhumeswar Mahadev has been worshipped annually at Pumdikot as the prominent form of Lord Shiva since ancient times. The gigantic idol of Lord Shiva at Pumdikot is the consequence of positive intention and strong mission to promote tourism. Located in the west of Pokhara, one of the beautiful cities of Nepal, this place not only carries historical and theological values but also offers a scenic beauty of Majestic Himalayas in the north, lush green forest to the south and wide range of view,from Thaaple Lake to Panchase in the west. All these blessings of nature are like a feast to the eyes. Besides that, an annual fair is conducted at this place during one of the biggest festivals of Nepalese women, HariTalika Teej. There is a common belief one’s wish gets fulfilled if Bhumeswar Mahadev is worshiped along with fasting. Approximately about 1500 meters from the sea level, Pumdikot lies in Gandaki Province, Kaski District Ward No 22 of Nepal, this place is remarkable not only in terms of religion from the mythological period and tourism but was a crucial fort from the strategic standpoint when Nepal was partitioned into 22 and 24 states in the past. From time immemorial, the inhabitants have encouraged the development of vertical roadways with steps in order to make this region accessible to everybody, which is like a reservoir of diversity from a tourism point of view. Various access routes have been opened and it is possible to reach this location from Pokhara in half an hour by public transport. Different roads have also been constructed for pedestrians.

Alternate routes

1) Chhorepatan - Kodi - Shanti Stupa - Lukunswaara - Pumdikot

2) Chhorepatan - Kalimati - Shanti Stupa - Lukunswaara - Pumdikot

3) Chhorepatan - Kalimati - View Point - Faaletey - Thulaswaara - Lukunswaara - Pumdikot

4) Chhorepatan - Kalimati - View Point - Faaletey - Thulimidi - Tilahar - Kahulepaani - Baaspaani - Lukunswaara - Pumdikot

5) Chhorepatan - Kalimati - View Point - Faaletey - Thulimidi - Thulaswaara - Lukunswaara - Pumdikot

Foot Track

1) Damside - Raniban - ShantiStupa - Neta - Pumdikot

2) Anadu by boat - Shanti Stupa - Neta - Pumdikot

3) View Point - Pumdikot

4) Thulimidi - Pumdikot

51 feet Mahadev Statue

31 feet Huge Dammaru

216 Shivalinga

108 Shivalok Stairs

Shiva is everywhere. If you are there, you cannot feel it. If you are not, That is all there is.

There is no way that you can even step out of Shiva at anytime because Shiva is the summum bonum of the whole creation.

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